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Employment Solutions is an organization that has been serving people with disabilities in Lexington and surrounding counties for over 30 years. Our services are provided in a safe and supportive environment with a person centered approach and scheduling can be developed to best fit your needs. Services are provided both at our fixed locations and in the community. We support the people we serve in reaching their personal goals, while promoting dignity, self-worth, self-advocacy, skill building, positive social interactions and independence.

Our Programming

Expressive Programs

Expressive Programs is currently closed at this time. Please check out our ADT-WOW and Zoom Programs. Expressive Programs provides access to people with disabilities, with a variety of diverse, enriching programs and daily educational activities. Providing a full schedule daily for a wide range of interests, Expressive Programs brings community instructors, therapists and nutritionist into our program, as well as traveling out into the community for meaningful quality social experiences Everyday!

  • Studio e Studio e is a large multi-disciplinary artist space that supplies artists with professional grade art materials, open studio space and professional arts instruction daily. Studio e hosts classes daily taught by artists from the community including visual arts, music, drumming, dance, theater, mindfulness and relaxation techniques, relationship skills building groups and more.

  • Total Fitness – Athletics, Strength, Agility, WellnessTotal Fitness offers a variety of opportunities utilizing highly skilled instructors from the community. Our fitness program is designed to incorporate health education and fitness into your day with a wide variety of classes and team sports. No matter which of our many programs you choose, let us help you get fit in fun ways.

  • Relish – a culinary experience Relish Culinary Arts Program is designed for all skill levels from core kitchen concepts to complex gourmet meals. Relish offers daily classes in proper food handling and culinary arts using healthy and nutritious ingredients. We emphasize the use of local produce as well as those harvested from our own gardens. Our menus are culturally diverse and our practices are eco-friendly.

  • Community Now-Programming Without Walls
    Life is not limited to the brick and mortar walls of a program and everyone should have the opportunity to access all our community has to offer EVERYDAY! Community Now offers daily access to culturally diverse social events, fine arts, dining, music, fitness, night and weekend activities.


Empowerment, Enrichment, Expression, Community
At Sunnyside we offer a variety of activities daily, community outings, cooking classes, dance, fitness, guest speakers, seasonal parties, gardening and much more. Our focus is on abilities and acknowledging that everyone has the ability to grow and learn. We strive to foster interpersonal and social skills for everyone. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality of services with the utmost respect and integrity. Expand your horizon through meaningful days at Sunnyside.

ADT-WOW (With Out Walls)

We are holding meetings now for those of you who would like to join the "ADT WOW" (without walls) Program. This program connects the same staff and participants each day with a very limited number of people, preferably people already living together, for daily meaningful and fun learning experiences outdoors. As an "ADT WOW!” participant you will be picked up at your home each day and spend your weekdays traveling and exploring Kentucky, visiting historic sites, hiking, fishing, canoeing and more. Always wanted to zip line? This may just be your chance!

As always this is a person centered program and activities and choices for each group are uniquely catered to you and your group. The opportunities for exploration and learning are limitless! ADT WOW, will take place out doors with the exception of safe bathroom breaks. Participants need to bring cold sack lunches daily or money to utilize drive through dining. Due to limited staffing, availability for this service is limited.

  • Public parks of various towns
  • Historic sites downtown outdoor only areas of neighboring towns
  • Zoo’s within KY
  • Outdoor go carts
  • Boating
  • Fishing
  • Zip lining
  • Hiking
  • Jogging
  • Walking
  • Cemeteries
  • Railroad museum outdoors
  • Natural bridge
  • Red River Gorge
  • Various nature preserves
  • Mini golf outdoors
  • Kentucky horse park
  • Treasure hunts outdoors
  • Art in the park
  • Sculpture gardens
  • Petting zoos
  • UK Arboretum
  • Park shelters utilized for art on rainy days
  • Restaurant patios that are open and not crowded
  • Grilling out-learning to cook on a grill
  • Flower cutting gardens
  • Bike riding

-If you are interested in this service please contact your case manager or email or .

-A team meeting must be held prior to returning to in person in any capacity.

-Staff will receive regular COVID testing and have agreed to maintain extremely limited personal social interaction to mitigate the risk for people they are working with.

-All participants must have team approval and negative COVID test that is no more than 5 days old prior to attending.

-Staff will be tested multiple times each month at least every two weeks.

ZOOM Your Day

Our ZOOM Your Day Program is a Virtual Day filled with classes and activities similar to those that you know and love in person. Zoom during COVID-19 is the safest way to stay busy and entertained while learning at home! We offer Daily multiple guest teachers and a variety of educational and diverse meaningful and entertaining activities. Monday through Friday 8am- 3pm.

  • Mindful and Relaxation group
  • Anxiety Group
  • Self Compassion Group
  • Occupational Therapy Group
  • Culinary Arts
  • Crafting
  • Self-Advocate lead group activities
  • Virtual Tours
    Documentaries, Film Viewing and Discussion
  • What’s Happening with the Pandemic Updates and Discussions
  • Trivia and Gaming
  • Music Video Request Mornings
  • Fitness
  • What’s Happening in Washington with Kate (President of ACCSES
    Attorney and Disabilities Advocate)
  • Local Business owners teaching hour
  • Science and Animal Education
  • Mathematics Group
  • and so much more!


Q-Box creates die cut materials, boxes and packaging used for a variety of products all over the United States. Q-Box provides pre-vocational skills training needed to obtain competitive employment.

  • Communicating effectively with supervisors, co-workers, and customers
  • Generally accepted community workplace conduct and dress
  • Workplace problem solving skills and strategies
  • General workplace safety
  • The ability to follow directions
  • The ability to attend tasks

Fresh Approach

Fresh Approach focuses on mastering pre-vocational skills needed for competitive employment. Fresh Approach focuses on food handling safety and processing. In summer months, Fresh Approach prepares and delivers lunches for thousands of children daily with the Summer Food Service Program.
Communicating effectively with supervisors, co-workers, and customers

  • Generally accepted community workplace conduct and dress
  • Workplace problem solving skills and strategies
  • General workplace safety
  • The ability to follow directions
  • The ability to attend tasks

Life Works Day Training Somerset

Life Works Day Training Somerset helps serve participants with the SCL and Michelle P Waiver. Our hours are Monday through Friday from 8AM to 4PM. Life Work’s goal is to help improve participant’s life skills, promote independence and instill personal confidence. We offer a wide variety of daily classes at our fixed instructional center and around town. We understand the value of the individual and work with each participant to create personal goals and develop a schedule to help meet these goals.

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